Thursday, October 18, 2007

Main Library summer refurbishment

Over the summer vacation there have been several projects underway to improve the facilities and environment within the Main Library. Completion date on all projects was set as 24th September 2007.

  • public toilets - total refurbishment (completed )
  • carrel desking - Law section (completed on time)
  • partitioning of 1st Floor Science Reference area - creation of a quiet PC area (completed 1/10/07)
  • cabling of 1st Floor Science reference Area (completed 10/10/07)
  • 50 additional PCs 1st Floor Science Reference (completed 10/010/07)
  • air-conditioning - Ground Floor PC cluster (installation in progress 2/10/07)
  • new tables and chairs - Ground Floor Quiet Study Area (completed for Induction)

Regretfully not all work is on schedule and Main library management would like to apologise for the current noise levels and the general environmental standards in some of the areas on the first floor. We are taking every step we can to ensure work is undertaken out of hours where ever possible or that noise is kept to a minimum during opening hours. We expect the cabling to be completed by the end of this week i.e. 5th Oct.

Thank you for your patience.

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June said...

Pity about the mess at the start of the year!