Thursday, February 12, 2009

West Smithfield Medical Library closed for work on lights from Monday 16th February 2009

West Smithfield Medical Library main reading room will be closed for about a week from Monday 16th February while the 3 large central light fittings are replaced. These lights are positioned directly over the books shelves and also in front of the Issue Desk, so it is just not possible to continue to run normal library services while this aspect of the project is in progress. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause, but the work is absolutely essential.

Replacement of the central light fittings is the final stage of work on the lights in the library. The lighting contractors have already replaced lights round the perimeter at ground and gallery levels. The new lighting provision will provide a better work and study environment for all as well as improving energy efficiency.

While the main reading room is closed, the library basement study area at West Smithfield will be open to student use for 24 hours per day. This study area provides access to PCs and group study facilities but it will not be possible to use book or journal stock from the main reading room.

If you have any queries about book loans, renewals or document supply while this library is closed, please call ext. 8188 (020 7882 8188) or email

Marie Montague
Acting Medical Librarian

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